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I initially studied Archaeology and Ancient Greek History. I worked as an archaeologist which nourished my deep understanding of the history of people and human relationships. Later on, I was extensively involved in art business and worked closely with artists, supporting and helping them find an equilibrium between their creativity and emotional turmoil.

From my experience in the art world, I came to understand how complex and anxiety provoking the process of achieving can be, as well as the impact it can have on everyday living and relationships.

Life can be challenging and overwhelming and an authentic exchange outside our circle of friends and family can enable us to overcome the despair that life may evoke to us. I see self-acceptance as a central part of self-development and growth and I aim to support people to increase their awareness and develop to their full potential. My approach holds space for both personal history and unrecognised potential for people looking to understand their difficulties and find a deeper meaning in their life and new possibilities.

Special interest

I have a special interest in issues around parenting, such as antenatal and post-natal anxiety and depression; still birth; miscarriage; infertility; fears around pregnancy and birth; parenting challenges and so on. The emotional impact of the loss of a pregnancy to a mum is a complicated experience. Perhaps you feel lost and upset that things are out of your control. Perhaps you are interested in counselling for something specific such as Anxiety, Depression, self-esteem/confidence, bereavement, anger and/ or you may be looking for longer-term psychotherapy. You might find yourself withdraw from people you love and having the impression no one can understand your pain. You might be at this stage of your life that you are seeking a new identity or the previous roles/ priorities you had in your life don’t satisfy you anymore.

I have also experience in working with couples coming to therapy when their relationships are impacted by issues related to fertility or parenthood. Thus, when there is pregnancy loss, parents might have very different experiences.

Therapies offered